Valentine Week 2018 List: Kiss Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day

To make your valentine special, celebrate the whole week of the Valentine. The Valentine week will start from 7th February 2018 every year and the day falls on 14th February. Here we have listed all the days that lies in Valentine Week. Plan your day and surprise accordingly. Check the details of each and every day that lies in Valentine week and make your valentine memorable.

valentine week 2018
Image on valentine week 2018 with dates

Rose Day

The rose day lies on 7th February that is the starting day of the Valentine week. On this day, give a beautiful red rose to your loved one and wish him or her a Happy Rose Day.

Rose day
Nice pic on rose day

Propose Day

After this day, the couple celebrate Propose day. The propose day is celebrated on 8th February every year. So if you are waiting for the day to propose your loved one then this is the day when you can share your feelings with the person you love.

Happy Promise day
Nice Picture on Happy Promise day

Chocolate Day

After propose day, the day comes is chocolate day. So after proposing your girlfriend or boyfriend, start your relationship with some sweets that is chocolate. On this day, you can give surprise to your love a box of chocolate with lots of love. The day is celebrated on 9th February every year.

Chocolate day
Beautiful picture on Chocolate day

Teddy Day

After the chocolate day, the day comes is Teddy Day. On this day, you can gift your loved one a beautiful and cute teddy. If in case you are not with him or her then this Teddy will work for you and will fill the emptiness. To fill the space in your loved ones life gift him or her a teddy. The day is celebrated on 10th February every year.

Teddy bear
Wonderful picture on Teddy bear

Promise Day

The Promise day is celebrated on 11th February every year. Each and every relationship is empty or incomplete without making promises. On this day, make promises to your love that you will always be with her/ him and will not be going to leave you in any case.

Happy Promise day
Nice Picture on Happy Promise day

Kiss Day

After promise day, the day comes is the Kiss Day. On his day, you can send lots of kisses to your loved ones so that he or she will get goosebumps. The day is celebrated on 12th February every year just after promise day.

Kiss day
Kiss day picture

Hug Day

The Hug day comes just after Kiss day. You can celebrate the day by hugging your loved one tightly. Similarly like a rose day, you can send lovely pics on hug to your lover so that he or she will understand the feelings you have behind sending these pictures.

Hug Day
Wonderful picture on Hug Day

Lastly, on 14th February, couple celebrate the day as Valentine Day. On this day, you can make some special arrangements for your love.

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